Undisputed Fight Club is Growing more in 2012, the Mixed Martial Arts market has grown substantially so we want to cater for the needs.

 Undisputed Fight Club Montana will be opening shortly, we are going to bring a new dynamic to Martial Arts Clubs in South Africa, the gym is 1200sq metres and will be fully equipped. This gym will be owened and run by Master Sifu Pano Damoulakis, Master Kru Dimitri Bailanis and Kru Nick Savvides.

Master Sifu Pano Damoulakis is a second Generation JKD Master and Master Kru Dimitri Bailanis he is 6th Dan Black Belt in Kickboxing and a Master in the Art of Muay Thai. Kru Nick Savvides has over 20 years experience he has done many years in Chinese Martial arts and is a true master in hand to hand combat and Knife Fighting, Kru Nick is a fully qualified Muay Thai Instructor and is a walking text book on the Art.

 If you are interested in any our our schools please contact us and we will direct you to the appropriate  gym.

Wishing you all the best for 2012

"Train Hard....Fight Easy"